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Buyer's Guides

Here you will find our library of handy Buyer's Guides to help you choose the right equipment for your business

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GUEST POST: Choosing the Best Fryer for Your Business

24 April 2019

All fryers essentially do the same thing - they fry food. What differentiates them are factors such as fuel source, power rating, hourly cooking capacity, oil capacity and of course, cost.

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GUEST POST: What to Consider when Buying Induction

24 April 2019

Induction technology is not a new concept. It’s been popular in domestic kitchen for decades but until fairly recently was never embraced by the commercial catering industry.

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GUEST POST: Stainless Steel - Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

23 April 2019

Stainless steel has been a go-to material in the world of catering for a long time now. First seen in 1913, Harry Brearley made a discovery of ‘rustless’ steel.

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