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JTC is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, commercial grade blenders. Their manufacturers have developed a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing telephone sets and PCB controllers – the command centre of small appliances.
JTC’s leadership team is committed to investing in the best machinery, materials, training and technology to achieve a top-rated product line.
JTC are passionate about healthy, organic eating and they're on a mission to share their love for the JTC OmniBlend to promote a healthy lifestyle across the UK and around the world.
From smoothies to soups, there’s no easier or more enjoyable way to make sure you are getting your 5-a-day, every day with JTC OmniBlend.
There are hundreds of other quick and easy recipes you can create to ensure a healthy, well balanced diet.

JTC Omniblend V

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The JTC Omniblend is packed full of innovative features to make your operations easier, smoother and more efficient. Click below to view and download their product literature:

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Outstanding Features

Superior Blades & Power


Self Clean


Total Control


Made of laser-cut Japanese rustless stainless steel blades. Consists of six dull blades and has flat edges so it can pulverise ingredients from ice to spices in seconds without ever losing its sharpness. The heart of the JTC OmniBlend is its 3HP motor, which generates enough power to liquefy even the toughest ingredients at 38,000 RPM. The JTC OmniBlend is made of the best quality parts, ensuring that you can count on it for years to come.


The JTC OmniBlend’s powerful motor means cleaning the jug takes less than 10 seconds. Simply fill the jug up to the half way mark with warm water and a small amount of detergent. Press the ‘Pulse’ button 3-4 times, and rinse out. No more dishwashing or scrubbing! The BPA free Eastman Tritan Copolyester jug can make steaming hot soup without even putting a pot on the stove. It can also withstand over 125kg of pressure.


Seven simple buttons make it easy to control the speed and intensity of the JTC OmniBlend.
There are three pre-set timers and three pre-set intensities in addition to a ‘Pulse’ button.
A built-in sensor also automatically turns off the motor when it detects excess usage and includes a reset switch in case you need to reset manually.

Blend Raw


Spare Jugs




The JTC OmniBlend is a high performance blender that is powerful enough to blend raw whole foods in seconds. From crushing ice and grinding whole coffee beans, to blending carrots and apples or even whole raw fish!


Stackable and easy to clean, the jugs are made in America by Eastman Tritan Copolyester. The JTC 1.5L Jug is sold with a tamper tool and a handy lid plug. With a few pulses of soapy water, this Jug will be sparkling clean in seconds and won't absorb any unwanted odours.


The OmniShield I is compatible with the JTC OmniBlend V Professional Series blenders. The OmniShield I reduces blending noise by up to 80%.

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