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Welcome to the Fifth Edition of the Look Book

Our company vision is very simple. "To bring innovation and inspiration to the preparation and presentation of food".

To help us better understand how to deliver that innovation and inspiration to our customers, we analysed the menus of all the leading restaurant and pub chains in the UK and introduced our first edition of the Look Book last year. Our aim was to find out what's really popular with British consumers when they're eating out and ordering food and drinks. Because while we see new trends emerging every year, results showed that the tastes of the average British consumer remain relatively conservative with the same favourite dishes coming up time and time again. This means those companies and individuals running pubs, hotels and restaurants in the UK face a very real challenge. How to find new and innovative ways to present classic menu choices in a way that will surprise and delight customers? In an increasingly competitive market-place, achieving this could play a key part in differentiating operators from their competitors and winning new business.

We've been able to do even more research in the last 12 months and this has allowed us to expand the fifth edition of The Look Book even further. We hope that this new edition will inspire you to bring fresh and exciting new looks to a wide range of the most popular Starters, Main courses, Desserts and Drinks.

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