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About The Brand > A True Note Of Refinement

Alto is a stunning new range of pure white true porcelain tableware. It offers an exquisite combination of purity, finesse and strength that will bring a palpable sense of refinement to any dining experience. These inherent qualities mean that Alto will always act as the perfect accompaniment to any dish, enhancing the quality of presentation with an understated elegance that places the focus firmly on the food itself. As all great musicians know, the secret of delivering a truly memorable performance is the ability to work as an ensemble. We stand behind the strength of Alto by offering a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty with all plates, bowls, oval dishes, saucers, cups and mugs.

About The Brand > Creating True Porcelain







There is a reason why hard paste porcelain is called ‘True Porcelain’. True Porcelain is only made by real craftsmen, those who have the ability to combine the science with art. Often imitated; True Porcelain is the ultimate ceramic material; more dense, harder, stronger, and more durable. From it’s Chinese origins, through the master potters of France and Germany it has been the tableware of choice for those after real luxury. The finest, purest materials, the highest firing temperatures, minute control of atmospheric conditions are what make True Porcelain a rare commodity.


Alto is a True Porcelain, free from artificial fluxes and fillers. Alto uses only the purest China Clays and China Stone. As with the finest of European porcelain produced in Germany and France, Alto takes these materials and utilises very high firing temperatures to fuse them into a dense, highly durable pure white. To elevate performance still further we introduce the highest grade of Alumina to bring a unique level of durability. The Alto glaze is also 100% lead-free, meaning the glaze covering meets the same levels of excellence and the rest of the materials used.


Alto is produced in a brand new factory using the latest German and Italian process equipment and kilns. The firing process of Alto is as important as the raw materials used. The first, ‘Bisque’ or ‘Biscuit’ firing, is at just below 1000°C and results in a dry, porous blank. The second firing, known as ‘Glost’ or ‘Grand Feu’ is at over 1400°C. Every single piece of Alto is foot-polished using a diamond polishing machine to ensure a glassy smooth foot to prevent any scratching. The world-class facility has ISO9001 for quality management, ISO14001 for environmental management, and works to the SA8000 ethical guidelines.

About The Brand > Performance & Product Care