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Glacial Eco

We are pleased to launch our NEW glassware brand - the Glacial Eco range! A range that is made from 100% locally sourced recycled bottles without any additives in the manufacturing process.

Glacial Eco is a unique glassware collection combining elegant designs with attractive textures to create stylish tumblers, cocktail glasses, jugs, carafes, dessert glasses and oil bottles. These glasses are skilfully made from recycled glass for a unique and tactile finish. Glacial Eco is a testament to the fact that design, style and quality are perfectly possible to achieve by using 100% recycled glass. Not only that, our new glassware eco range is competitively priced too, making it the perfect affordable sustainable glassware solution.

The manufacturing process for Glacial Eco uses a lower temperature than traditional glass manufacturing, reducing the amount of natural gas that is needed to produce the product. Residues going to landfills are dramatically reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimised. Glacial Eco complies with all the key requirements of the Kyoto Protocol and international treaties that commit parties to reducing greenhouse gases.

Welcome to our New Glacial Eco range - A glassware brand that is high on quality, stylish and doesn't cost the earth.

We also still stock our core range of stylish, high quality and comprehensive non-recycled glassware designed specifically for professionals in the hospitality market. Use the links below to find our standard range of stemware, tumblers and barware

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