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What is Molecular Mixology? Plus 5 Ways it Could Shake Up Your Cocktails

14 June 2017

There’s something rather magical about the first mouthful of a well-mixed cocktail, and many mixologists are now seeking to elevate this exquisite moment even further.

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Will It Blend? Our Five Favourite Videos From Blendtec's Youtube Channel

07 June 2017

In the world of YouTube, there’s an enormous appetite for destruction – whether that’s crushing everything from fidget spinners to pieces of fruit with a hydraulic press, or putting bricks into running washing machines just for fun (and for views, of course).

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Food Safety Week: Are You On the C.A.S.E. to Improve Your Restaurant Kitchen Hygiene?

18 May 2017

Having a good Food Hygiene Rating for your restaurant provides reassurance for your customers, and recognises your commitment to safety and cleanliness in all areas of your business. But what can you do to improve your rating, or keep it high?

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