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National Burger Day: What Are the Biggest Burger Trends of 2017?

08 August 2017

The history of the hamburger is certainly a pickle, as the ‘invention’ of the burger has been attributed to several different people – but one thing we do know for certain, is that burgers are now more exciting than ever.

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Water Boiler Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Water Boiler for Your Business

01 August 2017

When your restaurant or catering business requires a large amount of hot water to be available, whether for peak serving hours or around-the-clock, it makes sense to invest in a water boiler.

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yorkshire puddings

Why Won't My Yorkshire Puddings Rise? The Secrets to Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

26 July 2017

Lightly crispy and fluffy on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle and gorgeously golden-brown in colour, a perfect Yorkshire pudding is almost a work of art – but as even the most accomplished chefs will know, they’re really not easy to master.

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