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Revol PreservationRevol Preservation 2

Concerned about preserving the environment, Revol has put in place an eco-friendly plan at the heart of its factory, and in its approach to commercialisation:

•   Recycling industrial waste water

•   Treating liquid effluent in an integrated purification station

•   Mineral waste is taken to cement factories

•   Installed a new low-consumpton kiln

•   Use the kilns' heat to heat the workrooms

•   90% of packaging is made from recycled cardboard

Revol Food StandardsRevol Food Standards 2

Revol respects food safety standards according to regulation (no.1935/2004)

Revol culinary porcelain contains no harmful elements, and presents no risk of cadmium or lead absorption into the food.

Their products respect international food safety standards as follows:

•   France - NF EN 1388-1
•   Australia - AS-NZS 4371
•   Japan - JIS S 2401
•   USA - FDA
•   California PROPOSITION 65
•   Mexican Standards - NOM-010-SSA1

Revol Food SafetyRevol Food Safety 2

Our diets have deteriorated for a number of reasons. One cause in particular has attracted the attention of researchers in the last decade: the way we cook our food.

It currently appears that ceramic - and especially nonporous ceramic - is one of the best at guaranteeing safe cooking.

By using Revol products, and more specifically Revolution Cocottes, you are ensuring safe and healthy cooking for yourself and your customers.

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Revol Porcelaine is a French family-run company providing you with unique expertise for 247 years in manufacturing culinary porcelain. This extraordinary longevity and stability form the basis of Revol's values and their long-term vision in investment policies that enable them to stay competitive, and state-of-the-art, year after year.
The secret composition of their paste, to moulding and firing at extreme temperatures, make Revol porcelain a must in culinary ceramics - where you need a dish to go from oven, to freezer, to table.
Revol brings unique, creative and innovative solutions to your tabletop and kitchen. It forms a brand known and used worldwide by independent chefs, restaurant chains and hotel groups, but don't take our word for it, click on the buttons below to find out more!