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Breakfast Buffet
Crisp, clean lines & elegant curves draw attention to beautiful displays. Raise Curved Gastro trays from behind to angle food towards your guests and combine with Crescent bowls to complete your premium look.

Inspiring Appetisers
Enrich beautiful creations by using miniature dishes and display in union to leave your buffet looking abundant and full. Combine with large platters for a variation of enticing offerings.

Salad Buffets
Crisp, white products with an added unique style will enhance quality, colourful food. Use a range of heights and be creative with layout to form an elegant display.

Decadent Desserts
Showcase delicious creations by using a variety of heights to stagger your display. Create added character by using textured platters and risers for an ornate finish.

Fresh Meat Display
Premium butcher display will ooze freshness, with clean lines and a modern look. For an impressive showcase, mix gloss melamine trays with stone effect platters.

Captivating Curves
Tiered riser systems are an ideal counter showcase for any food display. The light reflecting design of the rippled texture and wavy edges of the platters emphasise the food on display, creating a striking look.

Rustic Presentations
Natural, rustic presentations are on trend and memorable. Create a range of heights with natural wood risers and utilise colourful ingredients in terracotta melamine bowls to create a spectacular display.

Delicious Deli Displays
Combine fresh produce, colour, height and texture for an inspiring deli presentation. Mix matte-look melamine bowls with rustic wood risers and add delicious quality produce for customers to feast their eyes on!