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The Pebble collection sets a calming tone. The combination of cool grey and a semi-matt base creates a striking contrast with the food, while the ridges in the texture help elevate and lift the food. The smaller pieces within the collection are perfect for accessories, mixed with lighter colours they allow dramatic contrasts.

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Radiating rustic charm, Coast is the ideal collection for setting a relaxed mood. Inspired by the finish of hand-crafted studio pottery, Coast creates the perfect background for showcasing natural ingredients. Coast combines the warmth of a semi-matt background with a natural feel from its edge banding.

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The Crème collection combines perfectly balanced ivory colour with a range of innovative textures, shapes and profiles to create the ideal blank canvas on which chefs can present their art. Designed to be used on it's own or it will also match our existing Crème tableware brand.

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Ember - the new collection from Artisan. Warm spice red, brings drama and impact to your table. A real burst of colour that you can mix and match across the Artisan range. The durable gloss red glaze is hand finished with an ochre band and subtle speckles.

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Ocean - The new collection from Artisan. Waves of ever changing blue from shallows to the depths break over the Artisan texture; subtle speckles cover the perfect glossy finish. Ocean gives you the ideal backdrop to present your creations. The Artisan range of innovative shapes are designed for style, durability, practicality and to suit the widest range of dishes.

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