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Posted by southpointsuites on Tuesday 13 August 2019


Buffet Breakfasts: How Small Hotels Can Keep On Top Of The Trends

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when we stay in hotels its importance is elevated further still.

The breakfast buffet can be integral in determining how guests feel about their stay, impacting everything from their first impressions of a hotel to their overall perception of the value they received throughout their stay.

Many hotels opt for a buffet-style breakfast service, and this remains a practical, popular option all over the world. However, guests’ expectations are on the rise, so hotels need to stay ahead of the trends in order to keep impressing their guests, day after day. Here are a few tips that you can use to revamp your breakfast buffet, and ensure every guest starts the day with a huge smile on their face.

Make it Personal

Personal touches always enhance a hotel stay, and there are plenty of opportunities to add customisable dishes to your breakfast buffet. You could start with something simple, like an omelette bar where guests can select their own ingredients, or cater to sweet-toothed guests with a pancake and waffle station complete with endless tasty toppings and juicy fresh fruit. Other options could include a porridge or muesli station, where guests can create their own unique dishes, or a bagel bar complete with all the fillings a guest could dream of.

Offer Takeaway Options

Many guests are looking for a quick breakfast before a busy day, and some won’t have time to sit and indulge in the restaurant. Make sure they still get a nutritious, filling and satisfying meal by offering takeaway breakfast options. You could offer hot pots filled with savoury breakfast favourites, healthy breakfast pots or sweet breakfast pots that can easily be eaten on the go.

Cater to Special Diets

Most hotels are more than willing to cater to guests with special dietary requirements when requested, but it’s also a good idea to show how well you can do this by adding some extra options to your buffet. Include clearly marked vegan and vegetarian dishes, and check that there are plenty of milk and gluten alternatives available. Veganism is a growing trend right now, so a vegan breakfast bar could prove hugely popular.

Introduce New Cuisines

No matter how delicious the food at the breakfast buffet is, guests may well tire of it if it’s the same every day. To keep things fresh and exciting, introduce new dishes inspired by different cuisines. There are so many mouth-watering breakfast options from around the world. Look at European influences and add Spanish churros, Polish potato pancakes and French patisserie to your offering. Scandinavian breakfast bars are another great source of inspiration, with scrumptious open sandwiches, delicious overnight oats and decadent smoked salmon to choose from.

Keep an eye on the latest foodie trends to make sure your breakfast buffet is the one guests can’t stop talking about. Search for inspiration from other cuisines, and get feedback from guests about their favourite dishes, and the options they’d like to see in the future. That way you’ll always be one step ahead of the competition, and your breakfasts will be legendary!

This article was written by South Point Suites, the perfect hotel for short or long visits to London.

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