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Introducing Our Three New Brands: Plasma, Twenty-Eight and Crème

Posted on Tuesday 01 September 2015

You eat with your eyes so they say, but there’s no need to tell us at Lockhart Catering Supplies about the importance of presentation. We’ve made it our business to bring you the most innovative products from the best catering supplies brands, consistently sourcing new creations that take the experience of your customers to the next level.

So we’re very proud to announce the addition of three such brands to our own brands collection; Plasma (drinkware), Twenty-Eight (cutlery) and Crème (plateware). All three of these brands are exclusive to Lockhart, so when we say you won’t find style and quality like this elsewhere, we mean it.


We really value the opinions of our customers, and so many items included within these new collections have been designed in collaboration with people like you – chefs, bar managers and event staff who have high expectations of the products they use. Let’s introduce each one of our new brands, and highlight our favourite pieces that you should be looking out for…


Plasma’s brand motto is “Plastic never looked so good”, and when you browse through this diverse selection of plastic drinkware, you’re sure to agree that the designs are sleek and interesting - characteristics very rarely associated with plastic drinking vessels. There are four ranges of Plasma designs:, Neon, Krypton, Argon, and Xenon, giving you options for every type of drink imaginable, but the durable shatterproof plastic makes your choices more reliable.


If you’re planning an outdoor event like a festival or wedding, you’ll want to check out the Stein and Dimple Pint glasses from the Neon collection, which are perfect for creative serving of a cold craft beer. Forget flimsy plastic pint glasses that fall over or are crushed easily, as these designs come with sturdy handles that add a touch of superior style.


For mixed drinks you’re spoiled for choice, starting with our Krypton stemware collection that recognises the continuing demand for mixologists on the move. With angled margarita and martini glasses to choose from, there’s no need to stick to tall cocktails or classic champagne combinations, though we’re confident you’ll be surprised by the quality of the stylish stemware available at such affordable prices.


Then for tall and long cocktails, or those anything-but-basic mixers, the Argon range has several different tumblers, hiballs, and even stemless wine glasses to choose from, so you can complement all your creations with the perfect drinkware.


When you need to make the move from classic to cute and kitsch, it’s time to reach for the American-influenced plastic mason jars from our contemporary Xenon cocktail and party drinkware collection. Far more affordable than their glass counterparts, these can be used for colourful cocktail presentation. Also making its way from over the pond is the beer pong essential – red plastic cups! These create an authentic American feel in informal dining spaces and are great for adding colour and interest at outdoor events. And, if party planning is your thing, you’ll want to take a peek at the plastic disposable bomb shots – they’re fantastic when it comes to minimising mess.



Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Theta, Omega – there’s a touch of the secret service about the Twenty-Eight cutlery collections, which is appropriate as we believe complementary cutlery is a key component of service success!


Made from the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel, these five design collections within the Twenty-Eight brand are distinctive from one another and far removed from others available on the market. Each is designed to accompany a particular type of dining experience, so they are far more than fit for purpose - they’re the perfect fit.

Now it’s time to decide which pattern matches your dining concept:

Gamma is the pattern of dramatic curves, resembling the classic waveform; it’s a highly stylised design that adds drama to table presentation.


For stripped back and simple dining events, minimalist Delta’s clean design helps unify lines and doesn’t detract attention from the food on the plate. This makes it the natural pairing for fine dining where the food itself needs to be the focus.


Too often designers forget how cutlery feels in the hand; this is far from the case with Epsilon. The classic teardrop shapes and smoothed curves of the cutlery handles are designed for maximum comfort; add the tapered narrow necks that are easy to grip and you have easy-to-hold yet elegant cutlery that’s perfect for use during extended dining periods.


Why does life need to be a choice between classic curves and modern flat edges? Theta brings both together in a hybrid design that beautifully combines both and incorporates unique twists such as a knife handle with a 90° turn.


For those who relish the traditional dining experience Omega offers a companion that draws on classic bead patterns of the 18th century though updated using cleaner lines.


Twenty-Eight aims to your align your cutlery aesthetics with your dining ideals in an accessible way – no matter which design collection you choose.


Our premium plateware collection, Crème, is designed in collaboration with professional chefs, the resulting items providing the backdrop for artistic culinary displays with the ‘Wow’ factor.


The ranges themselves take the names of some of the most celebrated European artists; Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, and Matisse, as well as the Impressions concept collection which has been designed with the vision of renowned industrial designer, Philip Forrest-Smith, and includes stand-out pieces such as Echarde and Futuriste which are the perfect platforms for those extra special creations.


These elegantly shaped plates, bowls, platters and beverage sets are made from ceramics that incorporate the finest European clays. They also boast a high alumina content which adds mechanical strength to the body, we stand behind this strength and confidently offer a lifetime edge chip guarantee on all plates, saucers, bowls and oval dishes, cups and mugs.

By upping the quality of finish there’s no need thicken the crockery itself, so you have peace of mind without your waiting staff needing to carry unnecessarily heavy items. All Crème plateware has also been put through its paces when it comes to cutlery marking and boasts outstanding abrasion resistance.


Sloping curves, pleasing lines and innovative angles are at the core of the Crème designs, but while performance and aesthetics are important, we know from speaking to our customers that issues such as sustainability are increasingly important when it comes to making sourcing and procurement decisions. It’s for this reason that Crème goods are manufactured in a dedicated factory that has been awarded ISO14001 for environmental management and SA8000for corporate and social responsibility.

Key features of the Crème ranges:

  • lifetime edge chip guarantee
  • superior heat retention
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • metal marking resistance
  • lead and cadmium free

We’re exceptionally proud to be able to offer all three of these new brands to you, and there are some trend-leading and classic items among the collections we’re sure you’ll want to test out. So, if you have any questions about our Plasma, Twenty-Eight or Crème brands or the products available, please give our customer service advisers a call on 03701 678678.