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Ceraflame Oven To Tableware From Artis UK

Posted on Tuesday 15 May 2018

Artis makes sourcing the full spectrum of high quality tableware, glassware, cutlery and barware from around the world into an art form and is one of the largest suppliers to the UK foodservice industry, including top restaurants, bars and hotels.


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Ceraflame is 100% resistant to thermal shock - a unique ‘One Dish Solution’ allowing meals to be prepared, frozen and then placed directly into an oven, even a pizza oven, or over a direct flame without suffering from cracking.


Made from the same material as the tiles on a space shuttle, you just know it’s going to be tough! It can go straight from freezer to microwave, oven or hob without flinching because the special multi-layer ceramic composition is fired at 1300?C, making it harder than any other comparable oven-to-table ware. Using it, individual portions of pre-prepared meals can be taken from the freezer, reheated in a microwave or oven and then served directly to table without changing dishes.



Although it has the stylish look of cast iron and despite its strength it is, in fact, quite a lightweight product. Microwave safe, it is the perfect solution for defrosting, heating and preparing meals whilst at the same time preserving the flavour and nutrients of the food. In addition to heating up faster, the ceramic retains its heat longer than other materials, too. Ceraflame is non-toxic and has a scratch resistant surface.

Take a look at all the ceraflame collection here, or visit Artis' website for further info.

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