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Driving Industry Recruitment With Falcon, Springboard & Lockhart Collaboration

Posted on Monday 05 November 2018

As a company we are proud of our London Innovation Centre and love to invite chefs from all sectors to visit and use the amazing facilities and products on offer. Last week, we welcomed our latest visitors for an inspiring event. This included Omy Lawal from Sodexo, members of HIT Training, two talented Falcon development chefs, and representatives from the Springboard charity.

Take a virtual tour of our London Innovation Centre

Above: Chef Ron Hedicker, Falcon Development Chef, Showcasing Lainox Naboo's Just In Time Cooking Function.

The aim of the event was for Omy to showcase to Springboard ambassadors what new tips and tricks they can use to drive recruitment in the hospitality industry. Before the event got underway we managed to have a quick catch-up with Omy and couldn't help feeling inspired by all her amazing work.

Tell us more about the work you are doing with Springboard.

I have been a Springboard ambassador for just over four years, supporting the charity's mission to create more employment opportunities within hospitality and to promote the industry further.

What inspired you to get started with this work?

I am passionate about people development and youth empowerment. Having supported Springboard's KickStart and IntoWork programmes over recent years, I have organised work placements where students are partnered with a mentor during their time. I've also facilitated meet and greet sessions for students and colleagues to inspire and give career advice. 'Omy & Friends' is a project to inspire, develop and train future talent into the industry. I aim to engage both peers and students through food by creating fun and interactive cooking workshops and demos.

What is your long-term aim of the project?

I would love to create more inspiring employment opportunities for young students.

What else should the hospitality industry be doing to attract talent to see this as a career of choice?

I believe it's all about collaborative working. Hospitality is a big industry with so much to offer and by working with our colleagues we can promote and educate students about the career options available. Hospitality is an industry where workers can develop and pursue multiple careers, from starting off as a chef to developing into a general manager. I love how it provides so many opportunities.

You can learn more about Omy's project in our recent article.

Discover what happened during the day

The day started with a presentation from Omy, and then the ambassadors went through to our dedicated kitchen area to have a demonstration of the 12-minute 9-piece fry-up cooked by the two Falcon development chefs. It was fantastic to watch the ambassadors getting involved with the cooking, and we all loved the tasting! It was fantastic to have the development chefs from Falcon with us, so we could not only learn more about their products but also taste some of the delicious dishes they cook up. Watch chef Ron's demo of the Lainox Naboo's Just-In-Time Cooking function. You can cook a 9-piece fry-up (including fried eggs) in just 12 minutes. This piece of equipment is packed full of innovative features, which makes producing great food really simple. Find out more about the product specification here.

After watching the demonstration, Omy Lawal said: "The Falcon workshop was a lot of fun and very informative, with also the healthiest fry up breakfast I've ever had! Both chefs were very engaging and showed us how catering equipment has changed over time to meet the demands of chefs and diners. Equipment has become so advanced but still remains user friendly.

Here are some of our social media highlights to give you a taste of the event.

Check out the amazing equipment we were able to showcase as part of the Falcon breakfast demo.

We love it when chefs come to the Innovation Centre and we get to experience their different styles of cooking. The breakfast was served up on our stunning Artisan tableware which demonstrated how it not only tasted delicious but looked amazing too.

You can also follow the story on our Instagram highlights.

Join us at the Innovation Centre

We wanted to know what Omy thought about our Innovation Centre. She told us: "It is a great place for team bonding sessions. From hosting cocktail masterclasses to cooking demos, it's an amazing showroom packed full of beautiful cookery equipment. I'd definitely recommend it as an industry venue to use. The team there are very friendly and accommodating."

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