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SousVide Boilable Vacuum Pouches 150x250mm

Product code: ACA453
For use with chamber vacuum machines. Suitable for sous vide cooking - and more.
Pack size:  200
  • Suitable for sous vide cooking - can also be steam cooked, microwaved or boiled in a pan
  • Can withstand temperatures of 110 degC for up to 100 hours
  • Withstand freezing, boiling & microwaving
  • Temperature range: -40 degC to 110 degC
  • Polyamide (PA) air impenetrable exterior and a Polyethylene (PE) food approved interior
  • Complies with European food safety requirement
  • BPA free
  • 80mu plastic thickness
£14.99 exc. VAT  
£17.99 inc. VAT

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These boilable food-safe vacuum pouches are specifically designed to withstand the temperatures of sous vide cooking and can also be used for storing any kind of foods. These vacuum pouches can withstand temperatures up to 110degC over 100 hours, whereas other pouches would swell & delaminate. The pouches are made to the highest quality, and their strength means that, as well as being ideal for sous vide cooking, they can also be steam cooked, microwaved or boiled in a pan. These puncture resistant pouches protect your food from freezer burn and dehydration. They are transparent, allowing for easy identification of the product. The food is contained in a polyethylene (PE) food-approved inner lining, which is then protected by a fully airtight polyamide (PA) outer shell.

Product Specification

Brand SousVideTools
Depth Metric 25 cm
Material PE PA composite
Range Boilable Smooth Vacuum Pouches
Type Vacuum Bags
Width Metric 15 cm

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