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HotmixPRO is an innovative range of multifunction professional kitchen appliances. HotmixPRO units with their special blades can work as a mixer, to emulsify liquids, and as a cutter, to chop any solid ingredient. Equipped with professional motors (up to 3000W – depending on the model), able to run the blades from 0 (still) to 16000 rpm, they can easily:
• mix • chop • emulsify • homogenize • liquify • blend any kind of food.

These capabilities are complemented by an innovative heating/cooling system. Cook and Freeze any kind of food, at any temperature between -24°C (-11°F) and 190°C (374°F) , with perfect, degree-by-degree temperature control.
And mix as gently (or as fast) as you want at the same time!

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Innovative Products

Gastro Model - HEB927

Gastro Twin Model - HEB928

It has a powerful motor (1500W), capable of very high speeds (up to 12’500 rpm), and it can cook up to 190°C (374°F) with degree-by-degree temperature control (1°C increments). Thanks to these features, HotmixPRO Gastro is suitable for almost every recipe, such as creams, jams, sauces, doughs, reductions…its high temp even allows caramelization of sugars!
What’s more, it comes with a few revolutionary features such as the programmable recipe memory, that will really improve your workflow.

HotmixPRO Twin is - in its very essence - a double HotmixPRO Gastro.
The two bowls are completely independent: separate bowls, separate SD cards, separate softwares… that means that you can work on 4 ltrs of content, or on 2 different recipes at the same time!
Thank to the easy reprogramming feature of all the HotmixPRO range, you could even set the two sides in two different languages.

Gastro XL Model - HEB929

Combi Model - HEB930

HotmixPRO Gastro XL is part of the new sub-range of machines for big quantities. This new model has the same outstanding performances of HotmixPRO Gastro X, with the great added value of a 3 litre bowl!
Extremely powerful, tireless, and big enough for those professionals who need to prepare big quantities at once.

The standout, unique feature of HotmixPRO Combi is its ability to cook and chill in two separated, 100% independent bowls: the left side chills and freezes, from room temperature down to -24° (-11°F); the right side cooks, from +24°C to +190°C (75° 374°F). Both sides have degree-by-degree temperature control and a powerful 1500W motor for heavy-duty work. The hot side can reach 12500 rpms, while the cold side reaches 8000rpm.

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Testimonials & Videos

Chef Massimo Bottura
Osteria Francescana, ***

Chef Luca Marchini
Ristorante L'Erba del Re, *

Chef Emilio Barbieri
Ristorante Strada Facendo, *

“HotmixPRO is an incredible machine!”
“In order to maintain our high standards, we need reliable cooperators and suppliers.”
“[…] HotmixPRO is such a supplier, making hard tasks easy.”

“HotmixPRO has become a key tool in our kitchen. It takes away stress and allows us to be in control more easily.”
“[…] The ability to use the recipe system to make any recipe perfectly repeatable (by anyone in the kitchen) is very appreciated.”

“HotmixPRO is very innovative […], it allows you to forget about it.”
“You can do something else and the machine will work correctly and won’t spoil any recipe. So it’s become very important in our workflow. […] And you also have less things to wash.”

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