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Why Use Water Treatment?

Utilising effective water treatment is a case of prevention rather than cure. Instead of waiting for sediment or hard water to damage your foodservice equipment, water treatment removes or reduces these contaminants from the feed water before they enter your equipment. Any catering equipment with a mains water connection is susceptible to damage from sediment and dissolved minerals. Whether you’re running an ice machines, a steam oven or a hot water boiler, internal waterways, evaporator plates and heating elements can be damaged or blocked by scale formation.
Scale is also notoriously poor at conducting heat: British Water calculate that just 1.6mm of scale build up in a heating system can cause a
12% loss in efficiency
. Scale in your equipment therefore means an increase in your operating costs. Treating the problem before it occurs increases efficiency, saves money on repairs and prevents the sort of equipment down-time that erodes foodservice operators’ profit margins.







The Pentair Everpure Claris Ultra water filter range has been designed to achieve the best balance between protecting equipment and attaining the desired quality of brewed coffee, espresso or ice by maintaining an acceptable acidity level. Claris Ultra cartridges are available in six sizes for low to very hard water areas and for small to high volumes.


Everpure Insurice filtration systems are specifically designed for ice applications such as cubers or flakers. As well as reducing particulates, taste and odours and harmful cysts Everpure Insurice systems also reduce dissolved minerals which can cause scale build-up on evaporator plates and which can lead to expensive break downs.


The primary function of Claris is to remove limescale via ion selective media. The secondary process removes chlorine via a block of activated carbon reducing the potential for taste / odour issues or for sediment / heavy metals contamination that can block valves, motors and jets that are traditionally found on most foodservice equipment.


Recommended Compatible Use

OE9933 - Everpure Claris Ultra 250:

OE9934 - Everpure Claris Ultra 500:
HEB059, HEA998.


Recommended Compatible Use

OE9930 - Everpure Insurice i500:
HE1890, HE1891, HE1892, HE1893, HE1894, HE1895, HE1896.

OE9931 - Everpure Insurice i2000:
HE1897, HE1898, HE1899, HE1900.


Recommended Compatible Use

OE9926 - Everpure Claris L:
HE6075, HEB274, HEB275, HEB276.

OE9927 - Everpure Claris XL:
HE6072, HEB277, HEB278.

OE9928 - Everpure Claris XXL:
HE6068, HEB283, HEB284.







Treating feed water to reduce or remove dissolved minerals improves equipment efficiency, reduces breakdowns and results in bright, sparkling streak-free glasses and tableware. Warewashers using softened water also use less detergent and rinse aid, further reducing running costs. Softeners are available to suit both hot and cold feed warewashers.


The Eco3 Bronze filter system is a cost-effective and hygienic cartridge based system for cold water applications (maximum water temperature: 38°C). A non-return valve is built in to the eco3 filter head, which allows for quick and drip-free cartridge changes. Cartridges feature a 1 micron carbon block with a 5,600 litre capacity and 2.1 litre / minute flow rate.


Where the existing filter head is part of the equipment, the EcoAqua range of solutions make a great, cost effective alternative to branded variants. All cartridges offer the equivalent specification to their branded counterparts so there is no compromise on performance. Where the filter head is not integral to the boiler, the Everpure Claris Ultra 170 is ideal.


Recommended Compatible Use:

HE1529 - Cold Fill Softener:
HEB784, HEB785, HEB786, HEB787, HEB790, HEB791, HEB788, HEB789, HEB798, HEB799, HEB796, HEB797, HEB794, HEB795, HEB792, HEB793, HE2428, HE5943, HEB932, HEB933.

HE1530 - Hot Fill Softener:
HE2427, HE5942.


Recommended Compatible Use:

OE9955 - Eco3 Bronze System:
For use with all cold drinks dispenser applications.

OE9957 - Universal Installation Kit:
For use with all filter heads & catridges to assist water from mains, through filter, into equipment.


Recommended Compatible Use:

OE9924 - EcoAqua AP2-C401:
HEA284, HEA285, HEA286, HEA287, HEA288, HEA289, HE2021, HE2022, HE2023, HE2024.

OE9956 - EcoAqua AQ35:
HEA393, HEA394, HEA685, HEA686, HEA902, HEA996.

OE9935 - Everpure Claris Ultra 170:
HEA290, HEA291, HEA292, HEA293, HEA791, HEA792, HEB118, HEB119, HEB120, HEB121.